The Easterseals Academy Difference

Easterseals Academy offers quality education based on the medical and behavioral needs of your child
while fulfilling academic goals. Some examples of wrap around services may include the following:

The Speech and Language Program
This helps students develop individualized, pragmatic communication skills through the use of verbal language, sign language,
simultaneous communication (pairing verbal and sign language) or augmentative communication systems.
The latter include picture exchange communication systems, language boards or computerized voice output systems.
Students receive speech services both through individual pull out and in-class sessions, along with language groups and community outings.

This program addresses brain dysregulation and trains the brain to function more efficiently. Neurofeedback can help to address
chronic issues caused by ADHS, Autism, Anxiety, Trauma, and more. Following a non-invasive brain map, clients begin neurofeedback training.
During a session, patients are connected to a computer using non-invasive sensors that monitor brain waves.
For the next 30 minutes, clients watch a movie while the computer detects irregular brainwaves. When the irregular brainwaves are detected,
the sound/video will fade which causes the client to refocus their attention back to the movie or music.
After multiple sessions, the brain starts to become more aware of what range it should be in and as a result, there are reductions in the symptoms.

Virtual Reality
These training sessions to increase mental wellness and vocational readiness to participate in competitive employment opportunities.
Through the use of educational programs utilizing virtual reality and hands on training opportunities, students with autism spectrum disorder and
significant Intellectual disabilities (two sub groups with the highest rates of unemployment) will have increased employment rates, and maintain employment opportunities,
increase income, and participation and inclusion in their community.

This encompasses physical, occupational, or speech/language therapy that utilizes the movement of a horse
as part of the treatment strategy often referred to as hippotherapy. Incorporating hippotherapy into
an occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech language pathology session can serve as a powerful tool
benefiting key neuromotor systems that support function. Skillfully applied equine movement, under the direction of a licensed therapist,
can offer the client the opportunity for complex motor learning.

Academic Programs and Locations

Easterseals Academy Lower School
Kindergarten to 8th grade
3100 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, 34236

Easterseals Academy Upper School
6th grade to 12th grade (Up to 22 years old)
5236 30th St W, Bradenton, 34207


Sashi Gundala, Principal

Michelle Fenton, Asst. Principal of Therapy Programs

Jennifer Burton, Asst. Principal of Operations